Making History One Burger at a Time

Char-Hut’s founding location was a converted Royal Castle Hamburgers on the corner of Miami Gardens Drive and NW 7th Ave. in Miami. Our family business has come a long way since then, but the same “backyard barbecue” mentality remains at every new store, the taste of which you experience in every bite of every burger, chicken sandwich, hot dog and veggie burger. It’s about freshness and about preparing and Char-Grilling individual orders one dish at a time.

Today, Char-Hut has a refined menu, a perfected service and dining experience and a detailed plan to put Char-Huts in every neighborhood across America that seeks the finest Char-Grilled burgers in the land, including YOUR neighborhood. Come back often to and watch us expand. The next Char-Hut location may be just around the corner from you.


Our Foodie Philosophy

Remember the big, juicy Char-Grilled burgers of your youth? The ones your family or neighbors grilled on special occasions and get-togethers? Char-Hut has taken that fond memory common to us all and brought it to real life in the form of the perfect burger, chicken sandwich, hot dog, veggie burger, Char-Fries and other scrumptious holiday-worthy sides that are repeatable dish after dish, day after day and location after location. “Perfect burgers every time,” is our philosophy. “One bite says it all,” is our claim to fame.